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MakePhoto, text on photo


Make photo is a concise and fluent app usd for adding text on the photo. Due to its exquisite templates, fonts and textures, you can easily edit photos with text, achieving the effect of blank, posters, polaroid and so on. Whether you are literary youth, designers, photographers, or just someone who loves life, you can have higher taste by using it in social platforms.Exquisite templatesWell-known Instagram users, designers, photographers and free-lancers are invited to involve in template design. So you can easily make pretty photos by using those templates.
Polaroid styleRealizing Polaroid style by replacing the original photo on the template. You can also easily make photos with blank by zooming the picture and moving the location.
Big-character posterWith wonderful fonts, big-character posters are easily designed. Once shared to social platforms, it can have more connotation and influence.
My templateDesigned photos will be saved in “My work”, you can edit it once again, avoiding from the very beginning.
Adding text on photoOf course, you can also set up a blank artboard, play your imagination to create your own stories.
Function profile1. Adding text to photo2. Picture with blank3. Polaroid style, movie feeling4. Custom templates5. Publishing the 9:16 pictures to Instagram6. Making words to pictures7. Exquisite paper textures8. Different styles of fonts, the size, color, layout and location of them are also changeable9. Sharing to the social networks (Instagram、Facebook、Twitter、Google+ ) by one click
Note: Makephoto is still updating, and your suggestions are welcome. If you want to be a cover, you can send your work, also suggestions, to our mailbox Your work will have the opportunity to become a template used by millions of users.